China has lost ground in U.S. trade, some experts say that this is the opportunity Mexico has been waiting for. opportunity that Mexico has been waiting for, since if it were to promote public policies, it would be possible to position itself as the number one position itself as the United States’ number one trading partner.

In the first two months of the year, Mexico accounted for 14.9% of total trade, slightly higher than China’s 14.7% share, although experts consider that this gap could be widened through a series of actions to encourage investment.

Vladimiro de la Mora, president of AmCham Mexico, said that now is the time to prepare and increase Mexico’s competitiveness as a trading partner, especially at a critical moment for the economic recovery of both countries.

Taking into account the above and the geographical advantage that Mexico has to compete directly with China, great experts assure that it is possible that the percentage of investment will increase and thus allow Mexico to maintain an even stronger relationship with our neighbor to the north.

We can conclude that it is undoubtedly the ideal moment for Mexico to increase its potential in this economic aspect, encouraging Mexican companies to increase their exports or even start with them.

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