What is ViatPro?

Over the years we realized the complications that an export process represented, from documents that took hours to deliver, paperwork that wasn’t found the way it should be, which translated into changes and more time lost, shipments that were not located, among others. For these and others reasons we created ViatPro, the app that allows, among other things, all the customs actors to be in the same line and receive the same information as the rest, in order to reduce time and errors as much as possible.

Unlike other apps, ViatPro is the only one that doesn’t require a previous download. All you need is an internet connection for it to work properly and to know the status of your export.

Can you imagine being able to export your products in a matter of hours rather than weeks? With ViatPro this is possible, in addition EXL Group is a level 3 data center that contains reliable dual-powered servers and backup systems that reduce downtime, thanks to this we can keep our clients’ data in complete safety and maximum security.

If what you want is to have a system that helps you reduce risks, cost and time ViatPro is what you are looking for, it’s easy to manage and has a friendly interface that also allows you to load profiles with different permissions, this so that your employees and other have access only to the information they require thus increasing the security of all your information.

Request now a demo of ViatPro and change forever the way you export to the world.


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